About Us

While attemping to launch a few startups, I found it extremely difficult to get press coverage. Thus, I decided to launch MidasIndex and provide some press coverage for indie creator space.

MidasIndex is the press for the masses—not for the few with access to Venture Capital. We got a lot planned and plan to cover a wide audience based, whether you are an inde-game developer, indie-musician, we want to hear from you on what it's like working in the industry, your processes and more. We are excited to work and collaborate with all the indie-creators who are massively underrepresented and undervalued.

What good is a press with a small audience/market share?

Although we may be small, we believe, even with our current weight—small size and low-traffic, we pack some heavy punches against larger media companies. Especially the well-established ones, given our knowledge and expertise of the industry. This knowledge was acquired and finely refined over 10 years of our experience in the digital industry—chipped and chiseled into perfection.

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