Resources Resources For Writing High-Quality English Articles

Updated on Saturday May 7th, 2022

I myself struggle to write semantically and grammatically correct sentences. From sentence to sentence, I may miss a word or to and it or use run-on sentences. This is a collection of resources I use to write better articles in english.

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Resources Is It Worth Seeking Traditional PressClout?

Updated on Wednesday May 4th, 2022

Many people continue to emphasize the decline of traditional media, not many ask the question is it completely useless—the short answer is no. There is a ton of value in being featured on traditional media platforms—we will cover some of the benefits of getting PressClout. The main reason we launched MidasIndex for indie creators.

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Resources What is LinkClout?

Updated on Wednesday May 4th, 2022

Ever wondered why some websites rank higher than others on Google and search engines? It's because many of them have what is called LinkClout.

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Resources When Should You Care About SEO?

Updated on Tuesday May 3rd, 2022

Many articles have guides on how to do something but many don't mention on when its valuable to use those resources which you have to try and experiment on your own.

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