Published on Saturday May 7th, 2022
Updated on Saturday May 7th, 2022


I myself struggle to write semantically and grammatically correct sentences. From sentence to sentence, I may miss a word or to and it or use run-on sentences. This is a collection of resources I use to write better articles in english.

People Worth Following

I personally follow @david_perell on Twitter because he has great point's on how to be a better writer. He also shares writing resources on his Twitter account—and on his website too.

Join Writing Communities Online

Some people online will help anyone who is looking to improve their grammar, etc. so join them and they will correct you and guide you with links to resources you will find useful.

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Join A School In Your Country

Find yourself someone who specializes in English and is a native English speaker in your preferred English variant, whether it be British, Australian, or America. These English languages have subtle variations but more or less are the same. Ask them whether they'd like to teach you English in exchange for money or you can find an English speaking school in your community—ton's of schools exists. Personally, i'd vet on how the response of students and ask them what there expectations were coming to school and what they thought the school promised was offered to them. Did the school's teaching exceed the students expectations and so on.

Imitate Other Writers

I take what I like from other writers and I try to incorporate those ideas and writing styles into my style—as a result, my style is some what unique and fun to read.

In addition, I read Peter Levels and Jon Yongfooks blogs on how they scaled there businesses and try to replicate some of the structure of their content because they have done a lot of research in writing. I also try to look for resources from professional writer suggestions and base my judgement somewhere leaning slightly towards the professional writer but with a bit of the indie-style.