Published on Tuesday May 3rd, 2022
Updated on Tuesday May 3rd, 2022

LocalTier is looking to stir up and heat up competition in the digital technology review sector. The team said they are using industry-leading technology and a hand-picked curation process to select the most worthy businesses located in Sacramento.

The team also said they are focused on growing and expanding within the Greater Sacramento region and have bigger plans to expand beyond Sacramento.

Their website contains many industry sectors such as Construction, Health, Insurance, Finance, Food, and many other subcategories worth checking out. Their business pages lack reviews and the ability to leave reviews—which we found is an interesting take on tackling the problem of having an aggregate listing directory

The team's end goal is to disrupt Silicon Valley by providing local businesses a platform to blog and voice their expertise—which businesses usually scream into the void with little to no results. Also, the team planned on launching native mobile applications for IOS and Android sometime this year.

We reached out to LocalTier for more information and will keep you posted.