Published on Wednesday May 4th, 2022
Updated on Wednesday May 4th, 2022

Mike Ron from how2app, who goes under the name Mike The App Creator, was working in a coworking space and encountered an issue and issue with a coworker's being obnoxious and not mindful of others. Mike at first decide to ask coworkers to talk quietly and noticed it wasn't working—and the adverse effects and negative vibes it put off. Not to mention how staggeringly costly the distractions were and the time lost. Instead of being rude to other people and making concessions, Mike decided to challenge himself and launch an app aimed at solving this exact issue. Meet the Shut App.

Shut App is designed to automate shushing other people through Artificial Intelligence. Mike noticed people were more responsive to the sounds coming from the App according to his YouTube video below.

Mike noticed a significant improvement in the appliance to be quieter in the co-working space. Since then Mike raised more capital for this project.

Sorry folks, if you are an IOS user, Mike didn't have the patience to develop an app. You are going to have to sit this one out—we know it's a complete bummer. A completely rad idea though. We look forward to seeing the app being launched in the IOS community.

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